Chatting with folks at the Hooksett NH Bass Pro Shops today. Come check out the #StCroixRods 100+ Rods to choose from

Chatting with folks at the Hooksett NH Bass Pro Shops today. Come check out the #StCroixRods 100+ Rods to choose from

My helper isnt much help this morning. #MercuryProTeam

Mojo st.croix in full swing mr Ron with a nice southwest fl snook and mr Scott with one on #st.croix

Walleye fishing leech lake, 'nuff' said.#BESTRODSONEARTH#STCROIXRODS

The team getting ready for surf day! #bestrodsonearth #stcroixrods

Stickin, some nice Spots with my St. Croix Legend Tournament Swim Jig Finesse. Great for fish head spin. Pre fish for Smith Lake Derby.

Its been a Mojo Ice kind of Winter.

The worlds greatest fishing sale is here Feb 16-Mar 4! Think Spring!! #springfishingclassic

Gary VanderMullen his artistic touch creates the last two plaques of the season for the ice fishing vacation school. Gary runs his CNC shop out of Lake City Michigan give him a call when you need trophies for your next events thank you again Gary for all the fantastic plaques you made this year for all of our events. #MercuryProTeam

Asked for the secret of his success, Vince Lombardi explained, "Football is blocking and tackling. Everything else is mythology."Ask Jamie Denison, KBF's 2017 ANGLER OF THE YEAR, how he earned his title, and you're likely to get a similar response. "Put yourself where the fish are, and get 'em to bite. No magic. Just stick with the fundamentals."Cast after cast. Day after day. Event after event. No flashes of brilliance. No hot streaks. No special sauce or secret weapons. This North Carolina kayak angler is a living testimony to the principle that if you learn and practice the basics of this sport, slow-and-steady can win the race. How else could a fisherman who didn't win a single KBF tournament or Challenge during the 2017 seasonand placed second in only twocome out ahead of the hottest sticks in the game?"Put yourself where the fish are" required homework. Choosing map time over nap time. Identifying likely-looking areas to explore. Pre-fishing when possible to pinpoint structure, cover, and baitfish.It also meant traversing a third of the US, competing in six states from Florida to West Virginia to Texas. He earned his AOY Points in two KBF OPEN Series Tournaments, nine KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments, and 27 KBF Challenges over eight months, averaging 14th place in the events that contributed points to his total."Making 'em bite"on a consistent basis in 38 of last year's KBF events, is where equipment, practice, observation, experience and skill paid off for Jamie. Taking information gleaned from a lifetime of fishing, from videos, articles, posts, seminars and then figuring out what he needed to carry and how to organize, select, and use it made "putting yourself where the fish are" pay off for him. big secrets... just plugging away with what he's learned works.Jamie's rod and lure selection shouldn't raise too many eyebrows; it's a pretty basic assorment. His Hobie PA 14, usually starts the day with six St. Croix rods racked up in tubes alongside his BlackPak. Two or three flipping sticks (always one with a jig, another with a soft plastic behind a half-ounce flipping weight, and maybe a deep-diving magnum Lucky Craft crankbait). A crankbait rod or two with a big squarebill crankbait or a #5 or #7 Shad Rap clipped on. To his spinnerbait rod is tied either a frog or a compact spinnerbait. Rounding out his onboard arsenal is a jig rod with a creature bait.When lake conditions tell him to slow down and try finesse presentations and lures, Jamie rigs a spinning rod with a Senko or shakey head rig. Spinning gear also goes with him for river fishing, with which he drags a little belly-weighted hook in a tube or swimbait across the river bottom.All of his experience, skill, and preparation came together on Bienville Plantation last month. Six top KBF anglers were locked in a tie for Angler of the Year, and the outcome of The TEN would determine who triumphed.On Day 1, Jamie surged to a six inch lead over his nearest challenger, Cory Dreyer. The next day, Cory out-performed Jamie. At the closing bell, the margin of Jamie's victory was only a quarter inch, 149.75" to 149.50". Nine inches, though, separated Jamie from Jody Queen, the closest contender for the AOY title. With his AOY title came a check for $5,000 (in addition to his $10,000 "The TEN" prize) and a BooneDOX Kayak Fishing Trailer (KFT). His 2017 AOY Plaque will be presented on the Night of Champions, Friday, March 23, following Day 1 of the 2018 KBF National Championship.Companies and brands that recognize Jamie's abilities and accomplishments with sponsorships, and that he effectively promotes, are: Hobie Fishing Team Boone Dox Seaguar St. Croix Great Outdoor Provision Company Get Bit Outdoors Ram Mount Power Pole TourneyXImage may contain: 1 person, smiling

Dreaming about the days when I can drop down on some of these.

Hope everyone is excited about the new line for 2018! Introducing the Legend X! #bestrodsonearth!

Hey Yall, my lovely bride and I will be at Bass Pro Shops in Atlantic City This Saturday and Sunday (17 - 18 ). Bass Pro shops is doing a fishing rod trade in deal as part of their spring kick off. Come trade in your old rod and get a deal on a brand new St Croix Rod!!! We will be there to answer any questions and help show you the perfect rod for whatever type of fish makes your heart beat fast, or stop by and just talk fishing for a while. See ya there !!! #BestRodsOnEarth , #StCroixRods,#BassProShops

Happy Friday

Happy Friday

Happy Friday

Just a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go down to Lake X and test this bad boy. Impressive in torque, top end speed and fuel economy is an understatement. By far the lightest in its class. These new Mercury 175, 200 and 225 Fourstrokes are going to make a lot of people smile this boating season! #MercuryProTeam

New mid range motors released from Mercury marine today with come cool options. Check them out!! #MercuryProTeam

During my whole career I've dreamed of seeing Mercury's Lake X. Two weeks ago, a small group of us were lucky enough to get a sneak peek of their new fourstroke engines. Top secret stuff. We all drove them and Wow! Head snapping hole shot, unreal mid range, and top high end have been redefined with these engines! Couple that with best in class gas mileage, weight, and plain good looks, and Mercury leads the way...again!
Mercury unveiled the engines to the public today and boating will never be the same. Thanks Mercury for inviting me to see these engines in a place that Ive always dreamed about seeing.
Go Boldly! #MercuryProTeam