Saving Backs one wave at a time!

No #stcroix rod is a match for even the biggest of lakers. #bestrodsonearth

Bad Ash Fishing is a private water guide service for world-class trophy steelhead and salmon. Ashley is known for her undying enthusiasm for all things in the great outdoors. She takes the time to

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Coho madness shall commence shortly!!! | BOOK NOW | #fishshimano #mbaprostaff

Starting out ok with the pre fish for the Minnesota Aim Championship on Lake of the woods. #bestrodsonearth

No Gambling when I am on the road I always carry my StCroix travel rods ,this trip the legend surf LGSS90MMF2 / 9 / Medium / Moderate Fast was the perfect rod for bait fishing in heavy current and surface work 2 piece fits in most all automobiles . #stcroixrods#bestrodsonearth

Penny Starr from Sturgeon Bay caught a nice Walleye fishing late in the day with Flicker Minnows. The Offshore Boards with Tattle Flags were a big help on the light bites. Of course, all the Walleyes were caught with St. Croix trolling rods. #stcroixrods

Birthday smack down for JD. I got him out today for some fishing and he sure had fun setting the hook using the St. Croix Eyecon. Nice job JD!

Great action today with Summer Flounder tons of short fish and then this keeper 5.95 lb. doormat. The 7 Legend Extreme St. Croix Medium Heavy is my go to rod for summer flounder........

Such a great TNB shoot on Leech a few weeks ago...this girl wasnt even the closer. #MercuryProTeam

Fishing can be challenging in August in Door County, but found quite a few smallies and some big ones 5 to 6 pounds. #MercuryProTeam

Having a chance to experience it's while fishing is special. My CanonSX50 with big zoom and 10 frames per second burst makes it work from boat. #MercuryProTeam

Photo on Rick Taylor's Prime Times. #MercuryProTeam

I had a great guide trip on lake Geneva! My clients used AvidX Rods! #StCroixRods #Daiwa #Mercury #MercuryProTeam


19 year old professional female angler of both Fresh and Saltwater. I was raised in St. Petersburg Florida as a lover of all things fishing and outdoors. Fishing is my passion, and competitive

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Spoke to 70 people last night about inshore fishing w/ artificials @ #oldsalts. Showed them my favorite #stcroix!

What imitates a crawler better than this? #kalins weenie worm trimmed down to touch on a darter head jig. Over 70 fish hit the #frabill today with lots of smbs over 17 and up to 21. Ran into a lot of Walleyes super shallow too. Good fish fry to come from the boys from Iowa today. First time to vilas county. My #stcroixrods legend elite 610 extra fast is still the favorite for this type of application. #MercuryProTeam

Making one of my many yearly stops at the St. Croix Rods factory in Park Falls, WI #StCroixRods #BestRodsOnEarth

Sometimes it's not always about the catch. It the journey there.

The over night cool down wasnt as big as expected, but the fish sure thought it was awesome. Lots of fish today on plastics and live bait. What imitation of a night crawler is my favorite? #Kalins weenie worm trimmed down a bit. We boated over 70 fish this morning. Probably 20 smbs over 17 and ran into random walleyes super shallow(but they arent biting I hear). 21 smb was biggest. Medium light fast tipped 610 legend elite #stcroixrods is still my go to rod for this. #MercuryProTeam

For all you Motorguide Xi5 user's. Check out the heading compass mode vs. course mode feature.

Changing the Heading Lock Mode Heading lock—course mode is the default heading lock mode. To switch to heading lock—compass mode, press and hold the manual mode button, then press the 2, 1, 2 buttons in sequence. To switch back to heading lock—course mode, press and hold the manual mode button, then press the 2, 1, 1 buttons in sequence. IMPORTANT: The Pinpoint GPS system will remember which heading lock mode was last used, and the next time the heading lock button is pressed, the trolling motor will operate that mode. OPERATING IN HEADING LOCK—COMPASS MODE When heading lock—compass mode is selected, the trolling motor will lock in the trolling motor's compass heading and drive the boat along that heading. The boat will drift with the wind, tide, and current, but the trolling motor will maintain a constant compass heading. The operator can adjust the speed and the heading by using the handheld remote. 

For those of you who came from Minnkota. This is the same as N vs. N (With Circle). #MercuryProTeam