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To Post on ProChattrr:

1. Download the ProChattrr App - IOS and Android.

2. Create a ProChattrr Account 

3. Purchase an Optional Subscription

Video Tutorials

1. Configuring ProChattrr

2. Posting with ProChattrr

3. Purchasing a ProChattrr Subscription


This web site contains content from “Professional” fisherman posted from an app called ProChattrr. This app has the following advantages for anglers who want to post Social Media content:

  • One post can be sent to several Social media sites – Facebook Personal Page, Facebook Fan Page and/or Twitter
  • The post can include text, a photo or a video.
  • In the app the anglers will have a list of sponsors. For each sponsor there will be some tagging information configured. If a post is relevant to one or more of those sponsors, the angler can select those sponsors and the ProChattrr app will add Hash Tagging (#) and/or Twitter Mentions (@).
  • The angler can categorize the post into one or more special interest categories – for now the categories are Bass, Walleye and Saltwater.
  • Once posted, the “tagged” sponsors will be notified that the angler has made a relevant post.
  • The post will show up on this page ( and will be listed under the appropriate category.
  • To help promote the anglers social media sites, the posts will have links back to the angler’s Facebook and/or Twitter posts – a great cross promotion for the anglers.

“Professional” fisherman is someone who regularly fishes tournaments, guides, or promotes fishing. If you are interested in posting via ProChatter you will have to provide information to qualify you as a professional in one of several ways:

  1. ProChattrr will be working with fishing industry partners that have angling pro teams. If you are a member of one of those pro teams, you qualify if you are on their Pro Team List  – or –
  2. Provide your guide service name and a link to your web site or Social Media Page – or –
  3. Provide a list of tournaments you fish and a link to your Social Media Page – or –
  4. Provide a list of your sponsors and a link to your Social Media Page


The ProChattrr app is available at no charge for both IOS (through the Apple App Store) and Android (through the Google Play Store).


Once you have the app, you can sign up here. When signing up you will also have to provide information to qualify you as a Professional Fisherman.

Once your account is approved by a ProChattrr Administrator you can then purchase a subscription - see below for more information on subscriptions. 


Note – you do not need to subscribe if you qualify under one of the ProChattrr sponsors by being on their Pro Team List and only want to use those ProChattrr sponsors.


If you want to promote additional sponsors (sponsors that have not provided ProChattrr on a Pro Team List), you’ll need to buy a subscription to ProChattrr for $59.99 per year. This subscription allows you to define additional sponsors that can be selected when there is a post relevant to them.  You can set up tagging that you want done for that sponsor (Hashtags or Mentions). You can also optionally provide an email to be notified when you generate a post relevant to that sponsor. Subscribe here.

Payment processing is done through Paypal - During check out, you will be redirected to PayPal's website to complete payment with either a Paypal account or Debit or Credit Card. 

Please contact us if you have any questions about the set up process:


Still have a question? Check out the FAQ page!