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Set the hook and game on! Having a blast field testing the Mojo Yak! #mojoyak #hobiefishing #redfish #stcroixrods #fishflorida #kayakfishing #bestrodsonearth

A soft plastic and the Mojo Yak stopped this 24" speck for a quick photo!
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The new St.Croix Mojo Yak putting in work! #stcroixrods #redfish #hobiefishing #bestrodsonearth #mojoyak

Caught bass, catfish, and my biggest crappiest at just over 13" on the Legend Xtreme. Still no striper. #lakemartin #stcroixrods #hobiefishing #backtosaltwater #bestrodsonearth

When they get spooky go lite! Got this beast on the Legend Xtreme and a Saltwater Assassin! #stcroixrods #redfish #hobiefishing #catchandrelease #bestrodsonearth

The lead up to Lake St Clair was a road trip full of laughs, good friends and large numbers of big smallies. One of the most fun trips I have been on leading up to a tourney,  going up the week before and fishing two days with my buddies Saun Boggs and Joe Ruylt. I have been listening for awhile about Saun’s tube baits and let me tell you they are a go to for me from now on.

We put the hammer to them for two days, finding a killer pattern and was able to put the smash down on them to the point my bicep was acting up and screaming at me, that put a smile on my face. But with this beat down we put on the bronze fish i had a twinge, this could be bad luck when pre fishing so good, so I might as well just hammer down on them.

We had a good showing 80 plus people doing the tourney and the names on the list was some of the best names in competitive kayak fishing and I am proud to say many of them I call friends, these are some great people. Tournament day started off slow and the pattern had changed and it took me about half the day to figure out the adjustments to make and as soon as I did the bigger fish started to bite.

No fishing trip is a good one without having a fish story. Fishing with my good friend Rebecca Golden at the end of the day and we are both talking about how a last minute upgrade would be awesome and wham!!!! I get bit and she caught it on video and tells me we have ten minutes and after pulling my yak around a really nice largemouth bass that was a couple inch upgrade. After landing the fish I pick up my phone and guess what? Dam phone turned itself off and wouldnt turn on and Rebecca was kind enough to let me use hers and I cant log in!!! Two minutes to go and I try my phone one last time and it fires up and I am able to log the fish!!

Ultimately i ended up in 22nd out of 84 amazing anglers. Honestly wish I would have placed better with how good the prefishing went but with all the great laughs I have had with good friends I have made and not to forget the fish that we caught together I'm ending up with some great memories. Big shout out to Paul Winkel for taking first place.

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Gettinng some pre tourney nerves for KBF St Clair trail, but packing up some of these St Croix rods up brings a lot of confidence. #stcroixrods #hobiefishing

Working the grass lines and got this beautiful fish on the Avid. Just over slot! #stcroixrods #catchandrelease #artificialonly #hobiefishing #bestrodsonearth

Throw back to catching this beast on my St.Croix rod and a top dog jr. #stcroixrods #mirrolure #hobiefishing #speckledtrout #bestrodsonearth

Quick pic before being released!#stcroixrods #redfish #hobiefishing #catchandrelease #bestrodsonearth

You can never have too much of a good thing! Just added another St.Croix LegendXtreme to the arsenal! #stcroixrods #hobiefishing #fishflorida #bestrodsonearth

Picking reds of the flats! Glad to have Ryan back on the panhandle! #stcroixrods #redfish #travel #bestrodsonearth #hobiefishing

Great trip out this a.m. slinging soft plastics to reds on the St.Croix Avid! #redfish #hobiefishing #stcroixrods #fishflorida

Got a break between rain showers! Snatched a bull out of the shallows with my Avid and a Saltwater Assassin! #stcroixrods #hobiefishing #bestrodsonearth

Got a break between rain showers! Snatched a bull out of the shallows on the Avid with a Saltwater Assassin! #stcroixrods #hobiefishing #bestrodsonearth