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Born and raised in the heartland of Madison, WI.  Came out to Idaho on a Division 1 Football Scholarship and fell in love with the west. Currently attending grad school at Idaho State to achieve 

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St Croix Legend Glass time for Deep-Crank work. 8 8 monster. #StCroixRods #BestRodsonEarth #LegendGlass

I got some new tools!!! LGC88HM, LBC811HMF and LBC911HMF #stcroixrods #legendglass #legendtournament

Brock and I had the Pleasure of Breaking in the All New Legend Glass Spinning Rod! 5 bites and 5 fish (4 smallies and a walleye) in the boat in minutes, all of which were absolutely pinned on the square bill! #stcroixrods #bestrodsonearth #LegendGlass #icast2018

Congratulations to St.Coixrods for Best new Saltwater Rod with the Mojo Yak! They also swept Best Rods in Freshwater with the Legend Glass and Fly with the Mojo Trout! #stcroixrods #saltwater #mojoyak #freshwater #legendglass #flyfishing #mojotrout #bestrodsonearth

This is one SWEET crankin setup. St.Croix Legend Glass 711 heavy paired with a Shimano Calais APV. #stcroixrods #legendglass #bestrodsonearth

Got out on Guntersville before the major cold set in to see if i could land a couple of winter bass. Started out targeting the bridges with swimbaits and alabama rigs with no success. Move to some deeper current related rocks and picked up two three pound chunks on a jig. Finally moved to a deep grass line and picked up a DT6 and went to work. Made three casts and caught three fish with the biggest pictured; then the bite just quite. Best five pushing 19lbs. Equipment: Crankbait Rod, Legend Glass 74MHM, Line, 10lbs Seaguar Tatsu Fluorocarbon, Crankbaiy, DT6 Perch#stcroixrods #bestrodsonearth #legendglass #shoalsoutdoorsports