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Partner Larry Tanita and I took 1st Place out of 50 Teams in the Annual Castaic Bass Club Challenge. Our club Bass n Buddies took the Club Championship for 2018. Larry was our heavy hitter but my Legend XC70MF caught the last fish that pushed us into the lead. This was a repeat of 2016 when we took 1st place and Club took the championship. #bestrodsonearth #stcroixrods #legendx

Blades and tubes for smallies! What an incredible day on the water . #stcroixrods #beatrodsonearth #legendelite #legendx

St Croix Legend X rods at work this past weekend on Lake Guntersville. Caught a couple of good ones on topwater.

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Putting a good bend in the Legend X. #stcroixrods #legendx

The new Legend X is the ultimate walleye rod. #bestrodsonearth #legendx

This Past May Long Weekend was good to us! Lots of Bass and some Nice Walleyes for the Dinner Table! One Afternoon with the New Legend X Flippin Stick (XLC76MHMF) has me convinced that it will be a mainstay in my Largemouth arsenal for years to come! #StCroixRods #BestRodsOnEarth #LegendX

This big girl(5.98) was the first fish on my new Legend X C70MF at Diamond Valley Lake. This is a very versatile model. Great for many applications. #stcroixrods #greatestrodsonearth #legendx

Fished my clubs Federated BASS tournament last Sunday on Lewis Smith Lake. During practice i found the spotted bass on the bed in 10 to 12 foot of water and could get them to bite a shaky head. Tournament day started out with rain, then it cleared and got windy with dropping temperatures. My partner and I won the team event with almost 18lbs and I had biggest bag at 16.5lbs and big fish at 5lbs. Sure fun to tangle with big spots on light spinning gear. Several nice bags weighed in. Equipment, Rod St Croix 70MF Legend X Spinning Rod, Line, 20lb Seaguar Braid with 10lb Seaguar Tatsu Fluorocarbon leader, custom 3/16oz Shaky Head with green pumpkin finesse worm.

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#NewRodDay #StCroixRods Legend X Bass are incredible. This new design has officially become my new favorite. The Xtremes (previous top spot fav) and Legend Tournaments (updated for 2018) are still solid, but the Legend X is a step up.Full reviews soon #BestRodsOnEarth #LegendX

Great jig stick! First fish on my new Legend X 70mhf. #stcroixrods #bestrodsonearth #legendx

Fished the ABT last week on Guntersville. Had a pretty good practice and we were confident we could put over 20lbs in the boat tournament day. Best pattern was punching dead grass and vines in 2 to 3 feet of water. Tournament day we lost our lower unit at 11 and that cost us. Rain did not help the flippin bite either. Shout out to Eddie Jewell for helping us out, we owe you. Congrats to the winners with over 30. Flippin equipment: Rod, St Croix Legend X 76MHMF, Line, 50lb Seaguar Braid, 1oz River2Sea tungsten weight and New Jack Flippin Hook, black creature bait.

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Fished a BASS federated club tournament yesterday on Guntersville. I thought fishing was going to be tough with heavy current and stained water, but I believe the bass have made their move. I targeted points with jigs, swimbaits, and A rigs. Ended up winning event with almost 25lbs. Equipment: Swimbait and A rig, rod St Croix Legend X 76MHMF, Line, Seaguar 20lb Tatsu Fluorocarbon, hand made A rig and a 5 inch swimbait. Jig, rod, St Croix Legend X 7MHF, Line Seaguar 15lb Fluorocarbon, custom 3/8 bl/bl jig.#bestrodsonearth #legendx #seaguartatsuTight Lines