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Christmas came early! #mercurygoboldly #MercuryProTeam

So Cal Jr. Anglers derby yesterday at Lake Otay. I took a back seat and let the boys go at it. Plenty of room in the massive 520C.#anglersmarine #rangerboats #mercurygoboldly #kidsfishing #sdfish #MercuryProTeam

Glad my Mercury is behind me! #mercurygoboldly #MercuryProTeam

Don't know how many of my friends out there have a z20 Nitro but this may help you or someone you know. I got one of the first Z20's out there and never could quite get the prop dialed in. I won't go through everything I've tried but finally found what I believe is correct prop for all around performance. It's the new Bravo 1 26.5 Mercury 4 Blade. It's a new pitch they offer. Great hole shot and acceleration. Didn't lose anything on top end and no more of the boat wanting to porpoise at low speeds on plane. My application is Z20 Nitro 2016 with a 250 Pro XS, boat loaded heavy with 3/4 tank of gas, water temp 83 and air temp 84, 5650 RPM top end 71mph and most importantly, no more porpoise at low speeds. Hope this helps someone out there. #mercurygoboldly