#mercuryproteam Posts

Love to hear the purrrr of my ProKicker! #MercuryProTeam

Check out my article, "Get The Skinny on Shallow Water Muskies" in the June 24 edition of WI Outdoor News. I hope you like it. #MercuryProTeam

Bill the Walleye whisperer strikes on Lady Bago! 26" #MercuryProTeam

Fishing the 15th basseye Cystic fibrosis tourney. My team. #mercurymarine #mercuryproteam #offshoretackle

Hot, and no wind is not ideal conditions for Green Bay sometimes LOL. Don from North Carolina joined me in the boat today and we went after quality and did not worry about quantity and we did manage to land Don's personal best ar 28"! Oh yea, let's not forget the 10 and 11 pound sheep head we started the day with LOL #MercuryProTeam

Keith and I pre-fished together one day before the tournament. Here are a few pics. #MercuryProTeam

Steve and I had the opportunity to guide the Fugleberg family to a fantastic day of walleye fishing. #MercuryProTeam

Feels good to be back on the river! #MercuryProTeam

One for the wall.. #MercuryProTeam

Griffin assisting me with a big tiger. Thanks buddy! #MercuryProTeam

getting the young one hooked! #MercuryProTeam

Nice fish caught on a 1 inch Lindy Lil Guy. #MercuryProTeam

A nice day of offshore fishimg #MercuryProTeam

Day 2 was a great day. #MercuryProTeam

#BigTillerTuesday Stay Thirsty My Friend #MercuryProTeam

Comeback fish on Rayburn this spring in the Costa Series. #MercuryProTeam

Today was a very good day of walleye fishing. #MercuryProTeam

nice swells on the bay but today. #MercuryProTeam

Great day of walleye fishing yesterday. #MercuryProTeam