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Chris One of the students with a Dandy Houghton Lake Walleye With laymans on the lake bait. #MercuryProTeam

Opening day of the ice fishing vacation school on Houghton lake and the fish are biting for everyone. #MercuryProTeam

Ice fishing vacation school seminar at H&H fireworks and Bait shop Holton lake Michigan. #MercuryProTeam

Folsom Lake dropshot #MercuryProTeam

Pat Bentley Pro staff with a nice walleye last day of practice before seminar for the ice fishing vacation school at H&H fireworks in Houghton Lake MI. #MercuryProTeam

Keith Kavajecz, of Kaukauna WI, is a professional walleye fisherman, specializing in tournament fishing and walleye fishing promotions. Keith is a “Legendary Angler” inductee into the National

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Water is so cold in Florida, caught this Red out in 30ft - 25 mile run in the ZV21! #MercuryProTeam

New Bait Update: Axe head hair Jig Get your Crappie on!! #crappiegetter #mercury #MercuryProTeam

Pat & Hunter Bentley pre-fishing for the ice fishing vacation school here at Houghton Lake Michigan #MercuryProTeam

Brandon Stanton, Ryan and Theron Hoffman with Walleye and crappie pre-fishing at the ice fishing vacation school Houghton Lake Michigan #MercuryProTeam

Recharging at the NPAA conference ><*>J #MercuryProTeam #offshoretackle

Recharging at the NPAA conference ><*> #MercuryProTeam #offshoretackle

NBD, just had a chat with KVD, actually a really big deal! #npaa #thegreatestofalltime #champ #MercuryProTeam

At the NPAA convention at Chula Vista resort Wisconsin Dells #MercuryProTeam

John Bennet outdoor writer just caught a nice pike for ice fishing vacation school houghton Lake MI. #MercuryProTeam

Ice fishing in the same old 20 below wind chill days. Glad we got the Clam six pack to stay warm and comfortable. Got into some magnum crappies today with 2 over 15. #clamoutdoors #acmetackle #castmaster #MercuryProTeam

One of many northern pike Jeff sowa caught, first practice day of ice fishing vacation school. #MercuryProTeam

Musky Hunter is ready for the open of the Chicago Muskie Expo #MercuryProTeam

Planning the ice fishing vacation school while eating a great meal at MJs eatery Houghton Lake MI. #MercuryProTeam

I hope to see you this weekend, Jan. 5-7, at the Chicago Muskie Expo at Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, IL. Ill be in the Musky Hunter booth all three days. #MercuryProTeam

Anybody ever use salamanders for bait? I ran across these guys while buying bait for a tournament...#midwestlizards #MercuryProTeam #offshoretackle