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Just returned from hosting my 13th annual Salt Patrol billfish tournament in East Cape Mexico at Van Wormers Palmas de Cortez resort. 90 anglers attended and competed for $10,000 in cash and prizes. Lots of marlin caught and released and plenty of dorado and tuna were brought home. Everyone had a great time. Next year it will be 1-3 November #saltpatrol #FishShimano #procurebaitscents #BestByTest #Evinrude #mustadhooks #SeeWhatsOutThere #TheWayToFish

Finished out the ocean 2018 salmon season with some great coho fishing action. #FishShimano #procurebaitscents #Stormrusa #BestByTest #Evinrude #northriverboats #mustadhooks #SeeWhatsOutThere #TheWayToFish #KitsapMarina

Great fishing at Westport WA yesterday landed several kings and some nice coho. Top setup Fish Flash with a King Fisher Lite spoon 80ft on the Scotty Downrigger. Pro-Cure Jell Scent was the key to getting bites. #procurebaitscents #BestByTest #TheWayToFish #northriverboats #mustadhooks

Tuna fishing is underway now in Westport Fish are about 50 miles out #procurebaitscents #BestByTest #Evinrude #northriverboats #mustadhooks

Found some keepers at Westport trolling a Fish Flash and Kingfisher lite spoon. Bloody Tuna jell scent on the spoon. Fish were 12 miles NW of the harbor, need to work for them. #procurebaitscents #BestByTest #TheWayToFish #northriverboats #mustadhooks

Had some great fishing at Westport WA for fall kings. Did quite well with a Fish Flash pulling a herring trolling at 80Ft on the downriggers. Herring were brined in Pro-Cure Brine & Bite. #procurebaitscents

Great steelhead trip on the Wilson River in OR last couple of days. #FishShimano #FishGLoomis #procurebaitscents #shimanofishing #Stormrusa

Got out this weekend and fished Port Townsend great fishing for winter blackmouth in 120 ft of water. Big Olympic Peninsula Salmon Derby this coming Friday- Monday. #procurebaitscents #Stormrusa #BestByTest #TheWayToFish

Guide Austin Moser Featured at Washingtons Puyallup Sport ShowPro angler and guide Austin Moser will be conducting fishing seminars at the all-new Kokanee Tank featured at Washingtons Puyallup Sport Show starting Wednesday January 24, 2018.His educational seminar demonstration will focus on successful trolling methods and the gear Austin uses when targeting these scrumptious eating fish. Having live Kokanee stocked in a 40 foot demonstration tank is a first for this show and promising to be a big hit with anglers seeking Kokanee fishing success. Austin will be sharing his fishing knowledge at 5 PM Wednesday, 4 PM Thursday, 3 PM Friday, 12 and 4 PM Saturday and 11 AM Sunday.The Washington Sportsmens Show is a five (5) day consumer show open daily from Wednesday through Sunday, January 24 to 28, 2018. Designed to be of interest to the outdoor community the show floor features hundreds of exhibits related to hunting, fishing, boating, camping, outdoor cooking and more; with in-depth seminars covering numerous outdoor related topics.Tickets can be purchased online or at the show gate. #cousinstacklenw #procurebaitscents #izorline #yakimabaitco #joinCCA #offshoretackle

Just back from the Salt Patrol Marlin Tournament there were around 100 billfish caught and released in our 12 annual East Cape Baja Tournament. There were many tuna in the 100lb class caught and some big wahoo and many Dorado. The Salt Patrol Tournament is held every November at Palmas de Cortez resort. Check it out on an upcoming Angler West TV show. #FishGLoomis #procurebaitscents #BestByTest #TheWayToFish

#BoomPow We had a great TFO event on the Hanford reach this vet had never caught a King salmon before!! This fish definitely was the King of salmon!! 44" long 24.5" girth this great fish couldn't resist a Spin-N-Glo with a cluster of cured eggs!! Dates open for big Fall King!! www.austinsnothwestadventures.com #tfonation #cousinstacklenw #procurebaitscents #izorline #yakimabaitco #joinCCA #offshoretackle

#BoomPow I've been fishing the mid Columbia with great success. My most productive lures have been the Hildabrandt 3.5 spinner in copper and pink trolled behind a Protroll 11" flasher with a free sliding spreader and 12oz cannon ball to get in down to the optimum depth. This presentation has really taken off in the last couple years. In combination with a break away system for your rotating flasher will defiantly help you to put more fish in your boat!! #cousinstacklenw #procurebaitscents #izorline #yakimabaitco #joinCCA #offshoretackle

#BoomPow Banks Lake Walleye fishing in Washington state is on fire!! These fish are crushing plugs right now!! The maglip 3.0 in the green pirate color was putting the smackdown on the walleye today. I've been running two plugs on my offshore OR34 side-planers as well as two plug rods straight out the back of my boat and two out to each side. It is a very effective way to hone in on the schools of walleye waiting to ambush the small bait fish on the edges of the weed lines and rock out cropping. Running plugs 120ft-140ft back at 2.0mph in 18ft-22ft of water has been very effective at putting lots of eyes on the dinner plate for my customer. Line counter reels are very effective way to have repeatability in your presentations and help to reproduce your successes. #cousinstacklenw #procurebaitscents #izorline #yakimabaitco #joinCCA #offshoretackle

Fished Westport this weekend landed 2 kings and a coho Saturday and one king one coho Sunday pretty slow overall. Top producer for us was a Gold Star Spatter squid behind a Pro-Troll flasher with Bloody Tuna Scent on it. We fished 300 ft of water NW of the harbor best downrigger depth was 110ft. #FishGLoomis #procurebaitscents #Stormrusa #BestByTest #TheWayToFish #northriverboats

Salmon fishing started out slow at Westport but if you put in your time the kings are here Fish Flash and Pro-Cure herring or Silver Horde tail wagger spoon caught these today #FishGLoomis #procurebaitscents #Stormrusa #BestByTest

#BoomPow Post spawn Walleye plug bite is just getting started on Moses Lake in Washington state. With the water temperature hovering around 62 degrees Ive been concentrating on contour lines from 8-12 ft. Running Maglip 2.5 in the Rusty crawdad, Bleeding fire tiger and Metallic perch these colors are top producers for me. My typical troll speed this time of year is 1.8-2.0 mph. I'm running four offshore tackle planer boards and two flatlined rods out the back. I stager my lines the outside planer boards 100 ft of line payed out middle planer boards 90ft and rods out the back of the boat 80ft. Spring has sprung the walleye and perch are actively feeding putting the weight back on after the spawn time to get out there and take advantage of some awesome spring fishing!! www.austinsnorthwestadventures.com #cousinstacklenw #procurebaitscents #izorline #yakimabaitco #joinCCA #offshoretackle

Great tuna fishing in Panama today #FishShimano #procurebaitscents #shimanofishing

#BoomPow Northwest anglers convention Kokanee event!! Lots of great info to help people put more Kokanee in the box. I will be teaching people how to incorporate Offshore side planner to catch surface feeding winter Kokanee and many other species of fish. Spreading your gear and covering more water while fishing more rods and managing them with ease. This technic will help to put you on the schools of fish and allow you to fish more presentations. While inhibiting your ability to find the particular color, scent and attractant that they are keyed in on for a given day. These are just a few of the great technics that you will learn from these Kokanee professionals. To get more info or to sign up go to www.NWanglersconvention.com #cousinstacklenw #procurebaitscents #izorline #yakimabaitco #joinCCA #offshoretackle