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Fall fishing is one of my Favorite times of the year. The leaves are turning and the Bass are Biting. The Bass are bulking up for the winter month to come. Top water action is some of the most exciting fishing there is. Caught over 40 keepers yesterday. The biggest of the day came on the frog. Casting in the flooded timber and grass. I was using my favorite #StCroixRod for froggin. The LBC74HF is not too long or too stiff so it does not affect your accuracy or wear you out, but still has the back bone to Crack M.

Lots of big king salmon on the fly up at the Salmon River this weekend on the St Croix Legend Elite #bestrodsonearth #stcroixrod

St Croix Premier sticks a fatty! #stcroixrod #bestrodsonearth

Great fall colors! #stcroixrod#bestrodsonearth

I would like to recap my rookie season fishing FLW Costa Northern Division. I am ranked 125 out of 266. Thanks to all of the podcast sponsors that allowed me to promote for them!! St. Croix-Calcutta- Diawa-Costa-Stingray-Fishhead! Thanks to Mercury and FLW! What a great group of anglers FLW has put together. Both my co-anglers were respectful and good people. I look forward to next season!! #StCroixRod #Daiwa #MercuryProTeam #MercuryProTeam

Its always great when your guide clients show up with St.Croix Rods and Diawa reels. Great trip with the father and son team On lake Geneva! Dave ,Zach and I boated 28 and had another 10 get off. Awesome morning! #StCroixRod #Mercury pro team # Daiwa #WeFishASA podcast #MercuryProTeam

While fishing the Bfl on the Mississippi river this weekend I caught a 4.2 lb. Smallmouth. With a total weight of 14 1/2 lbs earning a 8th place finish. I caught the smallie using my XLC76MHMF #StCroixRod 17# floro spooled on my new Diawa Tatula reel. Flipping a baby brush hog on a main river


Once again I had the pleasure of representing StCroix Rods and presenting the Western Canadian Walleye Trail mixed team of the year 2nd place overall for the 2017 season with 2 StCroix Rods. A Avid Pearl APS66MLF and a Avid jigging rod AVS59MXF to Harold and Karen Brown. Thank you once again StCroix Rods for the great support and sponsorship. #STCROIXROD #BESTRODSONEARTH

Once again I had the pleasure of representing St Croix Rods and presenting the Western Canadian Walleye Trail mixed team of the year second place overall for the 2017 season with 2 St Croix rods. A Avid Pearl APS66MLF and a Avid jigging rod AVS59MXF to Harold and Karen Brown. Thank you once again St Croix rod for the great support and sponsorship #STCROIXROD #BESTRODSONEARTH

A great day with St Croix Rod sales rep catching his personal best. Nice catch and great release Brian! #StCroixRod

Conditions have been perfect for sightcasting Bull Reds lately. My 8wt St. Croix Sol has been getting quite the workout!
#stcroixrod #bestrodsonearth

Tried to do some Shad fishing north of the gap with this warm weather, the Shad may be up here but they have lock jaw if they are cause the only thing I had bite so far was this Awesome 23 inch native Delaware river Brown trout !!! She was a beauty and a great surprise!!! The 9 foot panfish rod handled her great in some heavy current!!! I put her back where she belongs, I may get a replica mount of her done !!! #BestRodsOnEarth #StCroixRod #BrownTrout

We are heading north today. (way to soon) So Thursday I made a quick trip to a small local lake here in Florida. It started out super tough. Around noon I pulled out my Favorite Froggin rod. #StCroixRods Legend Xtreme LXC7'4"HF my reel spooled with 50# braid. On my 5th cast to a small pad patch a 7 plus exploded on my frog. I pulled her out of the thick pads and a few trips under the boat I managed to grab her. Took a few pictures and turned her loose.#BestRodsOnEarth #StCroixRod #LivingTheDream

The big girls are moving shallow in some places !!! I tried to have fun with the 7 foot trout rod at first, but quickly switched to the terminator. A Legend Xtreme pitching rod after loosing a fish well over 6 pounds, the trout rod was not meant to deal with that type of beast in flooded timber, LOL !!! #StCroixRod #BestRodsOnEarth #LegendXtreme

March fishin on the Harris Chain in Florida has it's ups and downs. Kind of like the weather. You can find the Bass in Pre Spawn, Spawn and Post Spawn. This one is post spawn. I caught her flipping outside the Kissimmee grass in 6' of water. I was using my #StCroixRod TBC74HF with my reel spooled with 50# braid. Using a Texas rigged craw on a 5/0 superline hook and 3/8 oz Tungsten weight. This is one of my Go To outfits whether in Florida or on the Mississippi river.#BestRodsOnEarth #StCroixRods

NE FL redfish on the Avid Series. Hoping for two like this for tomorrows tournament. #stcroixrod #bestrodsonearth #redfish

Florida Sunshine Bass on the Premiere Series ultralight. Following the American Shad migration on the St Johns River in East Central FL can always yield a few surprises. #stcroixrod #bestrodsonearth

Bass fishing the Harris chain, in Florida, is definitely heating up, along with the weather. I've been having Great success pitching craws on 50lb. braid,3/8oz. Tungsten to shallow heavy weeds. My #StCroixrod LBC74HF has the right tip & backbone to Handle the Big Ones. Looking forward to my next fishing adventure. #LivingThe Dream #BestRodsOnEsrth #StCroixRods

A falling barometer and a St Croix Avid AIR 28 ML jigging stick helped put some eyes on the ice. #StCroixRod