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Whats even better than a Suick?... A Suick that you can custom weight to your specific needs!! Now Suick maker their own weights!! https://www.suick.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=88&productid=657 #SuickLureCompany

My new GoPro HERO6 cameras for the year!! #ReconBoats #SuickLureCompany #LakeXLures #Evinrude #Humminbird #MinnKota

We have two 9 SUICK THRILLERS along with a few other things that will be given away after our seminar at 1230 today at the La Crosse Center. Last day to check out our booth and the show. With all the new lures on the market dont forget about the ole standby. Suick is a 4th generation family company in Antigo, WI since 1939. #SuickLureCompany

Today is going to be a busy Saturday at the LaCrosse Boat, Sports, Travel, RV, & Hunting show. Come see my seminars today @ 1:30 and 6 and learn the basic tools and techniques I use to make YOU a better all around Musky angler. #StCroixRods #BestRodsOnEarth #ReconBoats #SuickLureCompany #LakeXLures

Next weekend we will be at the LaCrosse Boat, Sports, Travel, RV, and Hunting show at the LaCrosse center. My seminar times are as follows: Thursday Feb 8th 8:00 pmFriday Feb 9th 12:00 pm & 5:00 pmSaturday Feb 10th 1:30 pm & 6:00 pmSunday Feb 11th 12:30 pm #StCroixRods #BestRodsOnEarth #ReconBoats #SuickLureCompany #LakeXLures