Here's a chubby perchoid!

The Next Bite TV is about Big Fish ... Mean Fish ... Fish with Teeth! We are the "Real Deal" when it comes to muskie, pike and walleye, providing real fishing information from real fishing experts

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The ION Ice Auger will help you get more fish through your fishing hole!

In search of the Gogebic jumbos...

Catching the giant perch again!

Looking for a bigger one tomorrow! Pretty unreal fishery...

Fun day on Lake Gogebic with the boys...

The late ice bite is really starting to shape up, who else has their "ION" the next trip to the lake?!

Hunting big gills pays off if you set your mind to it! This 10" beast came topside over the weekend and was released to fight another day.

Black betty had a workout this afternoon...kept enough for supper

#walleye were slammin the #slenderspoons this weekend. the #Eskimo QuckFish3i kept the wind out and heat in!

Fished devils lake area this past week and found active walleyes in less than 5ft. Swim baits seemed to work great as we were working small humps in the particular area. Google Earth was a big help

Talking big stone strategy with spencer.

ION drilled holes! white chigger fry. Ht Tungsten polar fire reels put a lot of fish on the ice today only but only 10 keepers for a fish fry!

#13fishing smacking huge donkey #crappies on the ice with #ticklestick and #widowmaker!

Lake Winnipeg hunkered down out of the wind in the EVO2 today!

looking forward to putting the ion to work this afternoon!

Beautiful day on Big Windy!

A great crowd came out tonight for the FM Walleyes Unlimited annual meeting featuring Al Freidig & Clint DeVeir talking about Devils Lake!

doing a little scouting in the Detroit Lakes, MN area. the pan fish action doesn't dissapoint! wind is brutal today at gust of 30mph!

Keith Kavajecz, of Kaukauna WI, is a professional walleye fisherman, specializing in tournament fishing and walleye fishing promotions. Keith is a “Legendary Angler” inductee into the National

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Fun limit of Whitefish on Green Bay!