My fishing 'buddie' for today showing you how we got this one!

Getting ready for a great morning on the Texas Coast. #Waterloorods #Lewsreels #Haynieboats #MercuryProTeam

28 inch Speckled beauty!!#Waterloorods #Lewsreels #Haynieboats #MercuryProTeam

Cape Cod striped bass fishing is FIN-TASTIC!! Book your Reel Deal fishing charter today

Lews and Fishstix held up for these guys during a morning session . Deemed the hard head kings, you gotta put down your phones and cigarettes to catch fish guys. Water looked awesome and I'm blessed to be out there.

Great Texas Coast day.#Waterloorods #Lewsreels #Haynieboats #MercuryProTeam

Gitten it done!! Pink Salinity Waterloo and Lew's Speed Spinner!!#Waterloorods #Lewsreels #Haynieboats #MercuryProTeam

Reid just raged a 25" fish. We have 5 in the card

These boys put the beat down on some fish this morning! Great young men. #Waterloorods #Lewsreels #Haynieboats #MercuryProTeam

And partner down.

You ever have one of those days in the boat where you are having so much fun it makes you want to cry? Today is one of them days. 12 on the card and smiling!!

Roger has 3 in the card and I have 3 on the card. We are upgrading!!!!

Roger struck Gold. 23 1/4" fish on the board. We are excited!!!

Lews reels and Fishstix just doing work this morning. These guys were awesome, Houston fish show trip winners. They lost some studs but still put together a great box. And they tipped the whole trip fair plus, I'm blessed and the water looked great.

National Team Championship, Lorain, OH, $250,000 purse, time to do work... #MercuryProTeam

I went to the marina where my boat is kept to do some improvements to my rod locker and get ready for a trip tomorrow. After I was done I asked Caleb if he wanted to do a little fishing and you can see what he said. I used this trip to do a little scouting for tomorrow and I found some trout willing to bite. We put the Lews Mach 1 combos to work. We were only out on the water for just a couple hours. #lews

Get this party started. #MercuryProTeam

Two big mid texas coast trout caught 6/6/17. Lew's Custom Pro combo getting it done. Mercury Outboards got us to and from our fishing spots reliably once again. #MercuryProTeam