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Been out on Lake Michigan fishing King Salmon/Steelhead. What a great time watching the Steelhead jumping while they were being reeled in. Thanks Daiwa for great rods & reels.#Ranger#Mercury#Lowrance#DAIWA #MercuryProTeam

Had great fishing in the UP at Womens Summer Camp. My Mojo Bass was given a workout! #MercuryProTeam #offshoretackle

That look when your "walleye" turns into another RB! #StCrooxRods #MercuryProTeam #offshoretackle

If only my hands werent so big... #BullGill #StCroixRods #MercuryProTeam #offshoretackle

The St. Croix Panfish Series rods have definitely been a hit in my boat! #StCroixRods #MercuryProTeam #offshoretackle

So much fun on a St. Croix Panfish series rod! Dont forget the Mepps! #StCroixRods #MercuryProTeam #offshoretackle

Dr. Brain can catch anything on a St. Croix, but this is his fav, haha #StCroixRods #MercuryProTeam #offshoretackle

More fun with SMBs, this time for the Dog Fish Master... #StCroixRods #MercuryProTeam #offshoretackle

Cranks and dandy SMBs have a natural attraction to each other #StCroixRods #MercuryProTeam #offshoretackle

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Walleye Wednesday! Need I say more! Enjoy the day! #MercuryProTeam

Here are some shots of some nice
walleye from and Erie trip last week. These were all released. #MercuryProTeam

Triton Tuesday! Ready for another day on the water. Enjoy the day and be safe! #TritonBoats #MercuryProTeam

Sure had a good time during the NWT Saginaw Bay Tournament. I forgot how rough this bay can get and practice sure had a lot of wind! But with today's boats like my Nitro, the Bay didn't seem as big! Here are a few pics. #MercuryProTeam

Keith Kavajecz, of Kaukauna WI, is a professional walleye fisherman, specializing in tournament fishing and walleye fishing promotions. Keith is a “Legendary Angler” inductee into the National

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Heres the tactic I used in Saginaw. 50+2 method with Offshore Tackle Snap Weights. #MercuryProTeam #offshoretackle

Back home from the Saginaw Bay NWT, not the finish I was looking for on a system I really enjoy. I finished just above mid pack, not being able to hit the right open water pods that I needed to. Heres a nice 28 incher from practice that came on a #9 Flicker Minnow in the Renegade Outdoor Innovations Perch Pattern...definitely wished I couldve seen something like that on game day. No excuses, well go back to work at Devils Lake after ICAST in a few weeks! #MercuryProTeam #offshoretackle

The Reel Deal fleet produces some super-sized strippers over Father's Day weekend. Great action on top water and vertical jigs off outer Cape Cod.

Mercury Monday! Good morning and good luck to all of you taking to the water today! #MercuryProTeam

Had a great day in Chelsea Michigan fishing with heroes on the water at the VFW post 31. Here are some of the veterans we fished with today with their catch. Great to see all the guys and gals catching fish and having a great time. #MercuryProTeam

6 hours of continuous rain but well worth the effort! #MercuryProTeam