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Not going to make the big Round Up in. Flippin, AR. this year for RANGER BOATS. Bummed out too much going on up here. We"'ll make it next year. #MercuryProTeam

Just John Jones and I having a leisurely victory out on Lake Claiborne! #basscat #gbt #claiborne #MercuryProTeam

Got the Mercurys all shine up and hopefully can get a break from work and a weather window to know do some fishing. #mercury #thereeloutdoors #breaklinepolarized #wetsounds

Keith Kavajecz, of Kaukauna WI, is a professional walleye fisherman, specializing in tournament fishing and walleye fishing promotions. Keith is a “Legendary Angler” inductee into the National

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Couple great days hunting celebrating Jim Carrolls victory over cancer!!! Beer (the dog) did great! #MercuryProTeam

Jeff Wood and I started and ended within a few hours of opening light in Kansas. #MercuryProTeam

Non-stop action offshore oday with a wide variety of species #MercuryProTeam

Michael, Milo, Brian and Amy had a great day catching red grouoer, gag grouper, scamp, mango Snapper, porgy and more #MercuryProTeam

Hopefully not the last day on the water for 17 but drawing near. The fish werent shy today #mercuryproteam #MercuryProTeam

Nice Ky Lake bass by my daughter-in-law! and son. What a catch!

Nice Ky Lake bass by my daughter-in-law! and son. What a catch!

The Warren family from North Carolina had an outstanding 6 hour offshore trip with Capt. Joe. They reeled in some gag grouper, hogfish, yellowtail snapper, lame snapper, cobia, porgy, key west snapper and a smoker Spanish mackerel #MercuryProTeam

Happy to share that my partner, Mark Whetstone, and I won the USA Bassin Regional at White Oak on the Ohio with 11.9 lbs & had Big Bass

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and their families! Im thankful for so many things, first and foremost my two maniacs and beautiful wife...also family and friends, along with a great career. Wishing everyone a fantastic holiday season! #MercuryProTeam

What color do you think I should light the boat up with next year. 2018 will be here soon!# #crossedIndustries #rigidindustries #MercuryProTeam #offshoretackle

Some nice snapper and grouper on today's offshore trip #MercuryProTeam

Did a little in-store promotion at Cabelas in Saginaw while waiting for my gun talked to Jim & Dan #MercuryProTeam

So I was fishing the NKU bass club open tournament at Brookville on this 23 degree morning and a friend of mine just happened to be taking a video as I ran by lol... turn the sound up and listen to that Mercury scream!!! It must like the cold more than I do. #phoenixboats #wiedasmarine #goboldlyThink I was running around 78 mph but my fave shield was fogging up lol #MercuryProTeam

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Started out slow but we found them. #Scheels-Sioux Falls, SD, #tritonboats, #Gloomis, #Shimano #MercuryProTeam

Outstanding fishing on today's 7 hour offshore trip. #MercuryProTeam

Craig and the guys had a stellar day offshore with Capt. Joe. #MercuryProTeam