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The party before the 28th St., Metro Cruise in Grand Rapids at Steves Antique Auto repair and just getting ready for everybody at Rogers Plaza on 28th St. Grand Rapids Michigan #MercuryProTeam

What a great start to the last regular season event of the year for 3 Rivers Team Bass and UBTT last weekend. #goboldy #sunriseonthewater #MercuryProTeam

Just finished one of the best shows that we've ever filmed with Tommy Kemos and Chase Parsons. The show is filled with Giants like this great teaser fish! #MercuryProTeam

Fantastic day of shooting with Tommy Kemos and Chase Parsons! Giants have been caught! #MercuryProTeam

Jeff Tallis is a Chicago attorney and smallie enthusiast. He's a member of the Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation. N IL, 1,250 acres and many lakes and gravel pits holding fish of all kinds. Frank Briggs joined us and on a cold front, windy/rainy and low moon phase rating day, we still did 47 smallies, 5 walleyes and a red-eared sunfish 12.25 inches and 1.58 pounds. 17 smallies from 17.5 to just under 20 inches. #MercuryProTeam

Take a look at this month's Facebook giveaway!! Just like, share, and win! The St Croix Avid Glass rod is sweeeet! #MercuryProTeam #offshoretackle

Man cannot survive on fish alone.. Well maybe he can! But for this Fisherman, Dr. Acurio and the folks at Orthopedic Specialists of Louisiana keep me up and going. They are true professionals in their field #MercuryProTeam

Good morning fan nation! Coming off of the championship from Lake of the woods, I wanted to share some tactics that that worked for us. Although we didnt finish in the heavy weight category, Greg and I did finish with 10 walleye for 65 pounds, a respectable weight. Our biggest was a heathy 29. I spent the two days running Salmo Rattling Stings, Hornets, and Freedivers with much success. Running the Freediver 120 feet back on braid at about 2.1 to 2.5 mph with the big Mercury Verado revealed some big fish. Also running the stings on down riggers caught the majority of card worthy fish for me. We were running in 34 feet of water, with the down rigger ball 28 down with the rattlin sting 30 feet behind the ball. Same speeds as before. Last but not least I was running the rattlin Hornets 35 feet behind the down rigger ball with the ball down at 23-24 feet at the same speeds. Running the boat in an S pattern slowed and increased bait speeds which increased bites. I share this information because you, fan nation, can have an opportunity to enjoy the chance at dream fish on LOW. Good Luck out there! Until next season! #thesalmodifference

Another great Saturday morning of shivering with my St Croix ES60MLF and the newest colours from Moonshine lures. I can safely say these fish approve of the great new colours !!!! #bestrodsonearth #moonshinelures #MercuryProTeam

All I want for Xmas is an Airwave pedestal.

We are full just need some more bigs.

Someone who enters the National Championship Musky Open will take home this fully-rigged Ranger Boat and Mercury Outboard. You need to enter to win ... will it be you? #RangerBoats #MercuryProTeam

Such a great TNB shoot on Leech a few weeks ago...this girl wasnt even the closer. #MercuryProTeam

Fishing can be challenging in August in Door County, but found quite a few smallies and some big ones 5 to 6 pounds. #MercuryProTeam

Having a chance to experience it's while fishing is special. My CanonSX50 with big zoom and 10 frames per second burst makes it work from boat. #MercuryProTeam

Photo on Rick Taylor's Prime Times. #MercuryProTeam

I had a great guide trip on lake Geneva! My clients used AvidX Rods! #StCroixRods #Daiwa #Mercury #MercuryProTeam

What imitates a crawler better than this? #kalins weenie worm trimmed down to touch on a darter head jig. Over 70 fish hit the #frabill today with lots of smbs over 17 and up to 21. Ran into a lot of Walleyes super shallow too. Good fish fry to come from the boys from Iowa today. First time to vilas county. My #stcroixrods legend elite 610 extra fast is still the favorite for this type of application. #MercuryProTeam

The over night cool down wasnt as big as expected, but the fish sure thought it was awesome. Lots of fish today on plastics and live bait. What imitation of a night crawler is my favorite? #Kalins weenie worm trimmed down a bit. We boated over 70 fish this morning. Probably 20 smbs over 17 and ran into random walleyes super shallow(but they arent biting I hear). 21 smb was biggest. Medium light fast tipped 610 legend elite #stcroixrods is still my go to rod for this. #MercuryProTeam

For all you Motorguide Xi5 user's. Check out the heading compass mode vs. course mode feature.

Changing the Heading Lock Mode Heading lock—course mode is the default heading lock mode. To switch to heading lock—compass mode, press and hold the manual mode button, then press the 2, 1, 2 buttons in sequence. To switch back to heading lock—course mode, press and hold the manual mode button, then press the 2, 1, 1 buttons in sequence. IMPORTANT: The Pinpoint GPS system will remember which heading lock mode was last used, and the next time the heading lock button is pressed, the trolling motor will operate that mode. OPERATING IN HEADING LOCK—COMPASS MODE When heading lock—compass mode is selected, the trolling motor will lock in the trolling motor's compass heading and drive the boat along that heading. The boat will drift with the wind, tide, and current, but the trolling motor will maintain a constant compass heading. The operator can adjust the speed and the heading by using the handheld remote. 

For those of you who came from Minnkota. This is the same as N vs. N (With Circle). #MercuryProTeam