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The new outback has been broken in with a no spot bull on the 7' Avid! #stcroixrods #redfish #avid #hobiefishing #fishflorida

Just ordered a little light reading. Completely unrelated to my last post... #Bass #stcroixrods #bassfishing #timetolearn #hobiefishing

Something Big coming from St.Croix rods and Hobie Fishing next year. More details to come! #stcroixrods #bass #hobiefishing 

#stcroixrods #mojoyak 

Got to enjoy the old Jon boat yesterday. The St. Croix MOJO rod had no trouble handling this big girl. High quality parts, technique specific designs, and great customer service make St. Croix Rods truly the #bestrodsonearth

Took advantage of a nice day to get some time on the water. I just love cold water silver buddy fishing.

As its in the 20s here and everything is icing over, its time to start prepping for next year so we can catch more of the Brown Beasts! This was a club tourney from this fall where we weighed 14-12 and all of them were caught on .usa Aruku 75 in Old Glory on our 72 Medium Moderate Legend Glass Rods! The Legend Glass gave us enough backbone to rip it out of the eel grass to continue our cast but enough give to control the hard fighting smallies! Check them out! #stcroixrods #bestrodsonearth #legendglass

Born and raised in the heartland of Madison, WI.  Came out to Idaho on a Division 1 Football Scholarship and fell in love with the west. Currently attending grad school at Idaho State to achieve 

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As long as I have my St Croix and my net, Ill be good #stcroixrods #bestrodsonearth

A 12.8 lbs walleye bit on a reef runner with the help of a St Croix Eyecon Rod. Nice work Jeff! #stcroixrod #bestrodsonearth

Today is the last day of northern WIs musky season. I hesitate to say I was disappointed to catch this musky, but you should have seen the one we were trying to catch when this one bit a Mepps Musky Flashabou. #RangerBoats #StCroixRods #Mepps #MuskyHunter #MinnKota #Humminbird #ShoedersMarine #StealthTackle #MercuryProTeam

Prevent a big expense by doing this after leaving the water!! #MercuryProTeam #offshoretackle


Check out the new apparel from St. Croix Rods!

Nice steelhead caught on the St. Croix Avid 13 centerpin rod. Its that time of year, we just need some decent weather to get back out there! #bestrodsonearth #stcroixrods

Nice steelhead caught on the St. Croix Avid 13 centerpin rod. Its go-time for Great Lakes steelhead, we just need some decent weather!

Spring teaser... Topwater action St Croix Legend Tournament TBC71MF, great multi-purpose rod. Kissimmee Florida at USCG Military Team Bass Tournament. March is not far off, time to stock up on #bestrodsonearth to ensure the "Upper Hand" in the New Year.

Well its official I cant launch the Mnt. Dew boat anymore. Its time to put the Flippin sticks away and grab the ice sticks. #dewnation #stcroixrods

We were rockin and rollin but so were our St Croix Eyecon walleye rods along with some great crankbaits!

That will get your attention! Starting the morning out right with 25 mph winds too! Lake was rockin! #stcroixrod #bestrodsonearth

For all my fellow kayak angler friends,this rod is ideal for you! Introducing the MojoYak rod made by St. Croix Rods!