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St. Croix Avid X ML, light enough to feel the subtlest trout bite and enough backbone to bring in solid redfish. #stcroixrods #bestrodsonearth

Sunrise with a St Croix Mojo Inshore 76 MH and bull reds in Oriental NC. #mojoinshore #stcroixrods

Tranquility on a North Carolina trout stream with a St Croix Imperial. #stcroixrods

Stream fishing with a St Croix Imperial. #stcroixrods

Stream fishing with a St Croix Imperial. #stcroixrods

St Croix Imperial on the South Holston. #stcroixrods

Full time Tampa Bay fishing guide where 100% of my income comes from fishing and the experience around catching multiple species with different gear in varying locations around Florida 

went offshore chasing tuna and came back with african pompano limit yellow tail limit mangrove snappers I got then all in 10lb test with the vis80mf avid mated perfect with van staal vr-50.

St. Croix has released their new clothing and apparel lineup. There are some really cool new items...with more to come. #BestRodsOnEarth #StCroixRods The new Deep Runner cap and balaclava is on the way!

Worked the fall Ace Hardware event and sold a decent amount of rods!

The ice on Erie is coming, the Avids are ready #StCroixRods #AIRassault #2Generations

While watching the snow fall, I came across this picture from the St. Clair Tour event earlier this year. In that event, I pitched and casted a drop shot quite a bit. The one thing Ive found when primarily casting that rig is utilizing a longer rod. Youll find a longer rod like the 76 M Legend Extreme offers line management, ultimate feel, and fish control. Next time you come across a similar situation give a longer rod a go, the advantages are overwhelming. #bestrodsonearth PC: Jody White

Born and raised in the heartland of Madison, WI.  Came out to Idaho on a Division 1 Football Scholarship and fell in love with the west. Currently attending grad school at Idaho State to achieve 

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The Snake River is hot right now! St Croix Rods has me equipped with an arsenal of different rods to handle anything it throws at me #stcroixrods #bestrodsonearth

A great visual take from a redfish in a Louisiana marsh. Sight fishing is the best! #stcroixrods #bestrodsonearth #legendeliteflyrods #sightfishing #whenaccuratecastingmatters

Shane Overly with his personal best musky of 47-3/4 on a St Croix Big Dawg rod throwing rubber......Congrats! #stcroixrods #Lowrance #simmsfishingproducts

Musky fishing this past week with my dad, brother and a few college buddies. I had the honor of netting this 52-3/4 beast my brother caught on a pounder using a St Croix Big Dawg rod. #stcroixrods #Lowrance #simmsfishingproducts

My all star line up of the best rods on earth!! The Legend series - Legend X, Extreme, Tournament and the Legend Glass. And my old favourite the Avid series!! #bestrodsonearth #stcroixrods

I had the great honor of meeting and visiting with James Lindner. Great seminars by all the pros at the 1st Annual St. Croix Ice Showcase.

I am at West Marine in Sturgeon Bay today for Lowrance Electronics . Great buy on Lowrance Hook Series fish finder/chart plotters. Great Christmas gift! Stop in- I will be here till noon! #stcroixrods

When its cold outside, a little hot cup of St. Croix coffee warms the bones. #StCroixRods #BestRodsOnEarth

When its cold outside, a little warm cup of St. Croix coffee warms the bones. #StCroixRods #BestRodsOnEarth

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