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Despite the Brutally Cold Weather, Lake Trout Opener is just around the corner! With this arsenal I'm pretty sure I'm geared up for absolutely anything that Northwestern Ontario has to offer! #stcroixrods #legendblack #mojoice #bestrodsonearth #viciousfishing #eagleclaw #fxroutdoor

Rigging fresh line on nearly all of my St. Croix Casting Rods was quite a task but is finally done! Now they are ready to land some trophy largemouth!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas, and you got all the fishing stuff you want.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas. 2018 is going to be a great fishing year,lot of new stuff on the market

Cold weather has me wishing I was back in the boat

Cold wheather has me wishing I could be back in the boat again

Mixed bag ice fishing today #MercuryProTeam

A man and his Gill #StCroixRods

Keeping the busy! Wintertime Math I like.... Slabs + ice = smiles #StCroixRods

This old big zander couldn't resist a slow presented fireball. The bite was very subtle. The fight was severe and massive. With this big tail it really had some power. Using the right rod, with a sensitive tip for registrating the bite but also a strong backbone for hookset and the fight, was critical here.

Thank you 2017!! Happy Fishing 2018 everyone!! #stcroixrods

The only good thing about this bitter cold? Were another day closer to this... #StCroixRods #whitefish

Looking forward to running the new St Croix Mojo Musky Trolling Rods this up coming season. With five options in length and power there is something to fit almost every trolling application. I can't say enough about the life and use I got out of the St Croix Triumph Musky Rods that I used exclusively for trolling on Green Bay. The newest of those rods is from 2010 and a handful date back a few more years. They held up great to the punishment of musky trolling on the Great Lakes and put plenty of musky in my boat! #bestrodsonearth #mojomusky #triumphmusky #fullyinvolvedmuskyadventures

The best way to spend a below zero night? Checking out the 2018 catalog!

Visit the factory in 2018 and see how the BEST rods on Earth are made! Well worth the trip...

Visit the St. Croix Rod factory in 2018 and see how the BEST rods on Earth are made! Well worth the trip...

St Croix ice rods strike again

My son, Clayton, and daughter in law, Emily, with a nice summer Muskie caught on an 8 foot Legend Elite.

Dr Rick Brasington from St Louis with nice fall tiger Musky caught on his St Croix Legend Elite rod.

It's always good to be on the water... no matter what time of year.