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Gordon "GT" Tharrett




Address: P. O. Box 264
Email: troutdreams@aol.com
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Phone: 315-328-5262

Pro Staff Member Since: 1998
Fishing Since: "Since Forever"
Professional Guide?: 31 Years

Fishing Type: FW
Primary Species Fished: Trout

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Favorite St. Croix Rod: Legend Elite 5 wt

Professional Highlights: "GT," as Gordon is known, has worked a number of rivers over the years. Utah's Green River, where he guides, heads Gordon's list of favorites. Those earning special mention are St. Regis River, New York; Northern Salmon, New York; Middle Fork of the Salmon, Idaho; and Yellowstone River above Gardiner, Montana. "GT" said he spends about one hundred and thirty-five days per year guiding. Notice he said, ". . .guiding." And Gordon has been quoted as saying, "It is not about the size of the fish, it's about the size of the experience." We'd sneak behind the bushes to watch how much "GT' is out there just for the joy of it but be danged if we can figure out which river to sneak to.


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