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E.g., Thursday, September 20, 2018
E.g., Thursday, September 20, 2018
Joel DeBoer - 3 hours 56 min ago

some of member Trent Bublitzs recent panfish catches: #StCroixRods #MercuryProTeam #offshoretackle

Joel DeBoer - 4 hours 8 min ago

Weve got a pair of musky brothers on the Team this year! #StCroixRods #MercuryProTeam #offshoretackle

Joel DeBoer - Sep 18, 2018, 6:02 pm

Lily Thao showing off her catfish skills-nicely done, LT! #StCroixRods #MercuryProTeam #offshoretackle

Joel DeBoer - Sep 17, 2018, 6:31 pm

#DCEFishing Team member Evan Marcell with a dandy from Saturday - nicely done young man! #StCroixRods #offshoretackle

Joel DeBoer - Sep 8, 2018, 10:40 pm

I had a new net man tonight - the "Crappie Kid" - and he did a great job! He is also capable.of consuming an impressive amount of snacks in the boat... #StCroixRods #MercuryProTeam #offshoretackle