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E.g., Sunday, February 18, 2018
Josh Borovsky - Feb 10, 2018, 3:08 pm

For anyone who missed last weeks Suspended Muskies episode of the Lindners Angling Edge . . . I have included a link below.During the filming of this show I was able to fish with the St. Croix Legend Elite 9 Heavy Power, Fast Action rod for the first time. It made my previous rod feel like a club! The St. Croix was as light as a feather and launched large baits like the Beaver XL (hot bait) beautifully.As youll see in the video, I also got to experience the power and functionality of the Legend Elite when it came to setting the hook and fighting the fish.Awesome rod!The St. Croix 9 Heavy Mojo Trolling Rods also handled the Headlocks and Mattlocks well. Cant wait to get my hands on some for this years trolling bite.This extended version has few extra tidbits not included on the TV show.https://

Muskies Extended Version Lindner's Angling Borovsky and James Lindner chase suspended muskies in the open water on Lake Vermilion.