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Fishing Guide and Tournament Angler.  I own and operate Liebel's Guide Service on North Dakota's Beautiful Lake Sakakawea.  I also fish the AIM Weekend Walleye Series, along with several other local tournaments each year.


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E.g., Thursday, June 21, 2018
Matthew Liebel - Jun 19, 2018, 10:57 pm
Matthew Liebel - Jun 18, 2018, 10:48 pm

What a day! We finally had a great tournament day in an AIM event! It feels good to finally get an AIM win on my home waters after some disappointing finishes in previous events out of New Town.We started our day looking for the shallow bite we discovered on Friday morning. Unfortunately(or maybe/probably fortunately) that bite died. We had no fish at 9:30am so we bailed to the Van Hook arm looking for a deeper bite. We pulled in and started with a jigging rap on one rod then dragging leeches, crawlers and creek chubs on the other rods. It took us about 20 minutes to put 5 fish on the card! But they were all smaller than we would have hoped for....It was shortly after that my creek chub got drilled! It is so much fun fishing chubs because you never know what is on the other end while you are feeding it line! I set the hook and it hardly moves just a few big slow head shakes! The battle was on! It was a pretty calm battle until the sinker was coming into view, then she wanted no part of coming to the surface, it was probably the best battle Ive ever had with a walleye! Up a little then back down a ways... finally we get a glimpse of the giant white tip on her tail! We now have confirmation its a walleye! Now we have to get it in the net! Once I was finally able to get her head pointed up she came up to the surface and into the net! Thats when the excitement came out, it was an absolute giant! Once on The Judge we realize that its a new personal best walleye! A 31 (12.57lb converted weight) q#LakeSakakawea gravel lizard! She was hooked in the corner of the mouth and after a quick picture session she was released back into this great body of water we have to make more big walleyes! Watch for the release video on #WalleyeWednesdayThat fish was probably more weigh than our previous 5 fish! Now we have to find some upgrades to go with it. We continue to catch fish on the creek chub rod, so we decide its time to put another rod out with the chubs, even though we had a limited number left... We figured while the bite is good we better have the big fish baits out as much as possible. The big walleye are notorious for only biting in a very short window. Over the next 3 hours we end up putting 6 more upgrade fish on our scorecard with many other 20 fish thrown back because they didnt make the 22.75 minimum that we needed to upgrade. All the while creek chubs outfished all other baits 10-1, although our 25.5 fish. The rest of our weigh fish came on chubs.At 1:45 we left since we were out of live creek chubs and they didnt seem to be biting the chewed up ones... We headed back to our first area hoping the sun would have turned on that shallow bite. It was still dead, we did have one heartbreak heavy fish that came off, but the #5 flicker Shad stayed too so we can rest assured it most likely a pike bite off.We headed in knowing we had a great bag, but were still unsure what our weight was exactly and also unsure if it was enough. Adding it up it came to 35.41lbs and it was then a long wait until the awards show! But it was just enough!I need to thank all of my support! First and foremost my wife Amy for supporting me and watching the kids through all my fishing! Then my sponsors Mondak Sports, Precision Measurement, Ranger Boats, Evinrude, Lowrance, Navionics, Amphibia Eyegear, Pure Fishing, Rapala, & Macks Lure. Thank you for all of your support and with your great products and services. #mondaksports #PMinc #mackslures #purefishing #Lowrance #Evinrude #rapala #AmphibiaFloats #Navionics #RangerBoats

Matthew Liebel - Jun 17, 2018, 11:47 am