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Mike Mueller - Nov 9, 2018, 1:09 pm

Lew's Season of Reeling Giveaway Lew's has the greatest fishing fans around. This Christmas, Lew's is giving back. Each of the next 8 weeks Lew's will feature a different reel to giveaway, 8 reels in total, just in time for Christmas. Follow the instructions below to WIN!We will announce the winner at 5pm CST today. New contest starts up on Monday! 1) To win this week's giveaway you must TAG three friends in the comment section of the contest post. However, once that weeks giveaway has ended, the contest will start over. To enter the following week's giveaway you must TAG 3 more friends in the new contest post.2) You must LIKE or FOLLOW Lew's Facebook or Lew's Instagram pages; whichever you commented on.That's it! This weeks prize will be the Lew's Laser MG Speed Spool. Each week will be a different reel that you could win! #bassfishing #goteamlews #lews #fishing #giveaway #contest